Why you should choose SSD web hosting.

Firstly, what are SSD’s?

SSD or Solid State Drives are a form of non-volatile memory. This allows them to not lose data when power is lost or disconnected. They also do not having any moving parts, unlike HDD’s (Hard Disk Drive) which increases speed drastically.

What kind of improvement do SSD’s boast in a web hosting environment?

Solid State Drives allow servers to access data much faster, this in turn increases your website loading time drastically – especially if its built around a database much like a WordPress site. Databases is were hard disk drives fail mostly with, as it has to find a specific record in the database using physical moving parts which takes up a considerable time span.

SSD Vs. HDD Statistics

Below is a list of statistics we have compiled, comparing different aspects between SSD’s and HDD’s.


Why should I pick SSD web hosting?

Its simple, speed. Especially if you are running a e-commerce website, page load times can make or break your business. Statistics show that a slow website looses about 30% of its sales, as customers will quickly leave a site that takes a long time to load – This is also referred to as “Bouncerate”.

Another key advantage that SSD web Hosting has over traditional hdd web hosting is that it is much more safer. Meaning that your website files will not be lost in the event of a hardware failure, which HDD’s are infamous for.

Where do I find the SSD hosting plans?

All Asura Hosting plans feature SSD’s at very affordable rates. You can find these SSD Hosting plans¬†here.