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Asura Hosting – United Kingdom website Launched

As a company we have decided to localize our site, in order to make it more friendly with our customers residing country. As we have customers from over 87 countries, we know this will be a hard task – so we are starting off with the biggest countries by customers first.

Asura Hosting, United Kingdom

We have launched our first locally based website in the United Kingdom.

Asura Hosting, United Kingdom will feature totally new hosting plans based in Great British Pounds and all web hosting accounts provisioned from the website will be located within London, United Kingdom. So UK businesses, blogs, hobby sites, etc will benefit from web hosting directly within the United Kingdom, which in turn offers the best possible latency and speed.

This applies to all our products shown on the new site, Reseller Hosting, WordPress Hosting and 1 Pound Hosting plans will all be hosted locally and charged directly with GBP.

How can I choose the websites location?

At the bottom of every page on our website we have included a country selector, where you can choose which version of our website you would like to be on. Here is a quick screenshot of the country selector between our Global / United Kingdom websites.

Benefits of using the site of your country

There are multiple benefits of using the site for your residing country, most notably is the fact that products are denominated in your countries local currency, so currency conversion costs and calculations do not need to be made. Another benefit is that products purchased from the locally based site will be provisioned at that countries location. This can be extremely important for some businesses that require the lowest latency possible or legally require their website to be hosted within the registered business jurisdiction.