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Node.JS based web hosting plans

We have now added the ability to run Node.JS applications on our web hosting platform. Node.JS is an powerful open-source server platform that allows you to run applications with Javascript.

What is Node.JS?

Node.js is an open-source based javascript platform, it has its own run-time engine that runs on its own Javascript engine. It runs javascript code directly outside of the browser, which is extremely useful for javascript heavy applications and allows javascript the ability to expand into other usecases and possibilities.

Node.JS features

  • Extremely Fast – Being built on an event based Javascript Chrome engine, Node.js is extremely quick at executing code.
  • Open Source – Massive community with tons of resources to help you learn and troubleshoot.
  • Single Programming Language – Node.JS allows developers to write frontend and backend apps all with Javascript.
  • Asynchronous – Node.JS handles multiple requests simultaneously, allowing quick and efficient resource management.
  • Scalable – Node.JS allows easy scalability with the ability to add more services on top of your app.

How to use Node.JS on our platform

Our cheap node.js hosting plans have a built-in application launcher for Node.JS applications. To access the launcher, simply login to your hosting accounts control panel and visit the “Extra Features” category. You should then notice the “Setup Node.js App ” icon, as illustrated below.

Control panel location of the Node.JS application

Once within the launcher, you can then begin to setup the server environment to meet your applications requirements. Within the launcher you have the ability to choose Node.js version, Application Mode, Application root, Application URL path, Startup File and the ability to set environment variables.

Node.JS application launcher

Once application variables have been set, simply click on the create button and your app should launch instantly. You can then view your Node.js application from the URL you have specified previously within the launcher.

After your application has started, you can reboot, disable, change version and edit your application whenever needed.