How to Brand your Direct Admin Control Panel

Thankfully Direct Admin makes branding your own Direct Admin control panel an extremely easy process. This guide will teach you how to customize logo’s, colors, application layout and go through a lot more branding tools that come with Direct Admin.

Step 1: Choosing Access Level in Direct Admin

Firstly, of course – log in to your Direct Admin control panel which is usually located at You will then be greeted by the following page:

At first glance, logging in as an Admin you will notice that there are no branding options. You will have to go to the Reseller side of the control panel to access the option, to do this simply locate the “Access Level” drop-down on the top-right of the control panel and select the “Reseller” access level option. Here is an illustration of that same drop-down:

NOTE: If logging in as a Reseller, it should choose this option by default.

Step 2: Locating the Skin Editing application

After changing the access-level to the reseller option, you will notice a bunch of new options present within your control panel.

Look for the “Reseller Tools” section and locate the “Customize Evolution Skin” application, and click on it.

Now that you have found the customization application within Direct Admin, you can start personalizing your control panel.

A. Configuring your Direct Admin control panels Layout

You will then notice a bunch of options to customize each access level of Direct Admin, including User, Reseller and Admin. Where you can organize applications by simply dragging and dropping them into categories. You can also rename or remove certain applications you deem unnecessary.

B. Changing Direct Admins Color Layout

To change color layout within your Direct Admin within the same application, click on the “Colors” tab.

There are 4 different color types that you can modify:

  1. Primary: This is the default color for your Panel, which will be used for the background of the control panels control panel as well as the background for Application Categories.
  2. Safe: Color for successful parameters, such as when you successfully install an application, the text that confirms that installation should come up in this color.
  3. Danger: Color for failed parameters, when something in the control panel fails, this color should come up along with the error message.
  4. Neutral: Usually the color that is used if Option 1, 2 or 3 cannot be used or if they have been used already.
Direct Admins color editing options

C. Adding your own brand logo within Direct Admin

To add your logo within Direct Admin, locate the “Misc. Options” within the Evolution Skin Editor and you should be presented the option to both upload your brands logo for the dark and light theme of the control panel.

Light theme logo upload
Dark theme logo upload

Within the same tab, you can also change the theme & layout of your Direct Admin panel.

D. Changing the Date & Time Format

To change the Date & Time format of your Direct Admin panel, simply go to the Misc. Options tab within the Evolution Skin Editor and locate the following setting at the bottom of the page:

Select the “Custom” option and choose the Date format you prefer from the drop-down list.